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Note taking

Record the essence of information from different sources and platforms, and free your mind from having to recall everything.
I’m only interested in electronic/ digital methods in here.


Very interesting methods of taking notes:
> Put a date on every entry
> Use a consistent format so that you can easily go back and find something
> Use a horizontal separator line and a project name to separate individual subjects (music, theorem proving, language research)
> Different kinds of entries, each with a special symbol in the margin:
> remarks, questions, definitions, to do items, Meta-Remarks…
> Keep a separate To-Do-List, or put it in a special place. Don’t scatter todos throughout your notebook

My big-arse text file - a poor man’s Wiki+Blog+PIM, by Matthew Cornell:

One big plain text file personal organizer, by Daniel Lucraft:

Living in a single text file, by William Hern:

How to keep notes on everything, Max Antonucci:

Text notes and memory, by Padraic Renaghan:

Journaling (almost daily) in Vim, by Danish Prakash: