The name

The name of this website: CR () and LF () are names of ASCII characters that mean: Carriage return and Line feed. They are used to mark a line break in a text file. Unix uses LF and the old MacOS used CR.

Cr;Lf; is a metaphor that can mean: “move next and start over”, but it can be interpreted in many ways.


The author’s name is Cristi Constantin. Check his profile page.


Cr;Lf; website was created in August 2019 and it’s growing ever since.
The older entries are just imported from other websites, or copied from personal logs with minimal editing.


Static HTML generated with Eleventy:;
The CSS UI is TailwindCSS:;
The main font is Inter:;
The secondary font is Triunfo: Creative Market Triunfo;
The icons are Line Awesome: Icons8 Line Awesome;
The code was written in Visual Studio Code and Emacs;
The text content was edited in Atom Text Editor and Emacs.


The Eleventy template of the website is hosted on Github and Gitlab.
The actual website is served from Hetzner, located in Germany.

Previous sites

This blog is the author’s most recent attempt (from a long list of many) to create a personal blog.
He created his first website around year 2000, to teach others HTML and CSS. Some of the sites were published on and others on There were other attempts on and 000webhost, and others.

One of the author’s many old project sites can still be found at: Interestingly enough, it was written entirely in M$ Notepad.

A few other blog attempts can be found at:

Between August 2019 and April 2021, all this content was located at “”.


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Permanent links are very important. Though shall not break the links; if you change the links, create permanent redirect rules. Cool URLs don’t change.
Permanent notes are very important. In case a post is totally wrong, don’t delete it; though shall leave a warning in the content instead. Doing mistakes is a part of learning.

It is the moral duty of any public website to: