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Decent storage

There are a bunch:

Secure and private file sharing with FileZilla:
FileZilla is the most popular FTP client in the world, and it includes native support for the Storj decentralized cloud storage protocol by default. FileZilla Pro also supports the Storj decentralized cloud storage S3-compatible gateway.

Why the internet needs ipfs before it’s too late
Why do we have a slow, fragile and forgetful web…


🕶 Awesome distributed, decentralized, p2p apps or tools

Why decentralization matters

Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web

The decentralised web, or DWeb, could be a chance to take control of our data back from the big tech firms. So how does it work and when will it be here?

Reconnected - Decentralizing the internet alone won’t lift it above politics or save it from corporate co-optation

Git is already federated & decentralized

By Drew DeVault, posted July 23, 2018

Why Decentralised applications don’t work
A very sad perspective, but it seems true:

Planet XYZ
Planet is a free and open source software for publishing and following web content, and it does not require a centralized server or service. It uses IPFS to achieve peer-to-peer content distribution. Furthermore, you can link your content to an Ethereum Name (.eth) so that others can follow you via Planet by the .eth name. Since both IPFS and ENS are decentralized, you can build your websites or follow others, all in a decentralized manner.