I’m passionate about yoyos, aparently.

I bought a yoyo toy for my kid and we both started to like it a bit too much.

There are 3 kinds of yoyos: looping, responsive and un-responsive. Well, they split into even more subcategories than that, but it’s important to understand these first.
Looping yoyos are for little kids, it’s what I had when I was a kid. They’re super cheap.
Responsive yoyos are the next level, you can thrown them and they sleep until you tug them. You can do some tricks with them.

Unresponsive are advanced yoyos that you can learn to use after you play with responsive ones for a while. They spin the longest and you can do super complicated tricks for a long time. It took me 3 days to understand how to make the bind to call my first unresponsive yoyo.

There are plenty of resources to learn yoyo-ing on Youtube and many other places. There are even apps, I’m using Skill Addicts app.

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