My MEM pages are growing

Today I created 2 more pages in my MEM: Energy-generation and Linux.
I had (and still have) lots and lots of links that I need to populate in those pages, but that takes time…

I now have 172 pages in my MEM!

I created the first pages on 11 may, last year. They were about programming languages, Python, Node.js & so on.
The next days I created a few more pages, then I forgot about it.
The next month, I created 46 more pages.
In July, I created 50 more pages.
The next months, I created just a few pages per month.
This year I created a few pages every month, but in August I created 33 new pages.

I started searching my old notes from iCloud, from Google Keep and old logs and I found lots of interesting links and I started to add them in the MEM, instead of forgetting about them and leaving them to rot.
Slowly, slowly, my library grew by a few links everyday and now I have a total of 3,463 external links. I have a Python script that reads all my notes and counts the matches with a simple regex: r'https?://([a-zA-Z09_-]+\.[a-zA-Z09_-]+)'.
I am quite concerned about those links starting to rot and break. I’m thinking how to save at least some of them, see my previous article, about Web snapshots.

I started to add images into my MEM last week. I have lots of interesting images that I need to manually sort and add.

I have to say I’m not actively looking for new content! I just find things in different places, randomly, then I remember I have a page where I can put them and I just store them in their place.
I discover most of the links in Firefox home page, where Getpocket.con recommends some links:
Of course, I use all the social networks that everybody uses and I sometimes find quotes, or links inside the comments.

I’m a digital hoarder, I think. I get sad when I remember some link or some quote, but I just can’t find it!
My MEM helps me find what I need, when I need it and I find it immensely valuable.

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