One year of Emacs

A year ago I started using Emacs for the first time ever.

I played with it without knowing what I’m doing for about a month, then I started using DOOM Emacs .
DOOM is a totally different experience compared to vanilla Emacs, so after a while I started using it exclusively, instead of VIM, Atom and VS-Code.
My favorite color theme was sourcerer.

After another month of using DOOM, I started to become overwhelmed, but also limited, because DOOM has a special config that I still (to this day) don’t understand.
I looked at other types of configs: Spacemacs, Prelude, Castlemacs, etc, and I started working on my own config.
Sometime in june, my config was good enough and usable, so I stopped using it exclusively, but I took a lot of code from DOOM, because it’s amazing!!

I’m using the Operandi Modus color theme. I never would have thought I’ll use a white theme… but I really enjoy it.

Every month or so, I discover new things and improve my config little by little.
(By the way, you can find all my dotfiles on Github:

I must say that Emacs didn’t take over my OS. I still use Thunderbird for e-mail and Alacritty for terminal & many apps that I used before.
Emacs is just my organizer and editor and I sometimes explore the filesystem with it.

Print screen:

My Emacs

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