Updates to the links

I’m simplifing the structure of the links from the website.

Before, I had notes and articles as separate folders and the URLs were very specific: /log/articles/... and /log/notes/....

Now, I’m moving them all to /log/entries/.... All this website is just static HTML files, so I’m changing the actual structure of the folders from the disk.

I’m doing this change because all the notes are just text entries in the same big Markdown file and it bothers me to generate totally separate outputs, when there’s no real difference between notes and articles, except for the length.
It happened several times to “promote” a note into an article as I added more text, so I had to change (and break) the link from notes/ to articles/ …

I care about permanent links A LOT. Way too many links are broken and way too often.
That’s why I added redirect rules to make sure all the links from the old domain crlf.site are redirected to the new domain crlf.link. They will continue to work as long as the old domain is still active.

Now that I’m changing the structure of the links a little, I want to make sure the old links will continue to work at least for as long as I can possibly maintain them.
Because I’m using Caddy to serve the static files, the config is pretty simple:

@oldpth {
    path_regexp m ^/log/(?:notes|articles)/(.+)
redir @oldpth /log/entries/{re.m.1} permanent

@notes #crlf