Moving the domain and hosting

I’m moving this site to another domain, and changing the hosting.

I didn’t push anything since October, now it’s the end of April.
I don’t know why, I didn’t feel like writing anything public…
In the meantime, Zeit/ Vercel stopped working for me.

I updated some things on the website and tried to push, but everything was broken on their end.
The CLI app kept asking me to login, whatever commands I tried, things that worked in the past. After 5 tries or so, I received and error that I have to try again in 42 minutes?!
I wasted a day trying to fix it, but I gave up because I wanted to move from them anyway, I don’t like how their services have changed.

Then I looked for the closest alternative:, which is what “Zeit Now” used to be.
All nice and easy, the website worked in a second on “”, but when I tried to move to my own domain, I realized I have to pay “only $30/ month” to get a SSL certificate for my custom domain.

And the old domain was locked in the deadly grip of Vercel’s domain manager, which doesn’t allow you to update, or remove their default DNS records.
Long story short, I looked for a cheap “crlf” domain and decided on “”.
I don’t really care about the domain, the content is more important.

Then I had to host the static site somewhere and I decided to try and host it with Caddy server.
To my surprise, it worked perfectly!!
In my tests, Google PageSpeed shows score 100 and PingDom Tools shows score 94. It’s good enough for me, but I will continue to improve anything I can.

There are still a few places to update, expecially the webmentions, the webring and 11ty, but OH well.
The freedom of this website is the most important for me.

@notes #crlf