Covid vs devils and demons

It occured to me that the COVID threat is very similar to devils and demons.

Both COVID and the devils are “seen”, or “perceived” somehow by a very select elite of people. In the case of demons, it’s the priests and monks, in the case of COVID, it’s the scientist and doctors.

Both the demons and the viruses are an invisible thread that can hurt you, or your family, or friends, unless you take the cure conveniently provided by the people that can directly “see”, or “perceive” the threat. The cure is either holy water, or the vaccine. And you have to pay to be protected. Of course, the cure is not perfect, but you can never be too careful, that’s why you have to protect yourself with prayer, incense and herbs. Or in the case of the virus, a mask and wash your hands.
And keep your distance, because if you go too close, the demons might infect the people around you, just like COVID.

In some specific time periods, some people believed in devils & all, today not so much, but people believe in viruses.
And of course, there are the nonbelievers… They are called heretics, sinners, infidels, crazies, or whatever negative words are relevant in the time period. Some believers think that the sinners should be burned at the stake, or hanged in the public square for everyone to see. Nowadays we don’t do that anymore of course, but at least metaphorically, public shaming, reputation destroying, cancelling… Because, how dare they not believe!

It’s a sensitive and taboo subject and nobody should talk about COVID that way. Because the proof comes to the scientists, directly from methodical studies, statistics and numbers and they can NEVER be wrong, the same way the knowledge about devils and demons comes to the priests directly from God and He is NEVER wrong.

Of course, this is all a metaphor.

The devils come from Hell, but the virus is here among us.


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