Switching to Emacs

I recently asked a question on /r/datacurator/ (an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING forum that I have to check from time to time).
I asked how could I organize my big collection of notes, ideas, bookmarks, code snippets, etc, in such a way to find them easy.
Of course, the tool has to be offline, it has to stay out of my way and allow me to hack it however I want.

Everybody mentioned Emacs, Org-mode, Org-roam and other stuff that I kind of heard about in the past…
But for some reason, I ran away from them, because I thought they are too weird, or too hard to learn. I tried Emacs and Spacemax in the past and I didn’t like them.
But because in the last months I made a bunch of inconfortable software changes (switch to Arch, switch to i3 WM, switch to VIM, switch to Kitty, switch to Prezto), I thought: “How hard can it be?” and also: “The best tools are not immediately likeable”.

So now I’m in Emacs.

Right now it looks like absolute crap, it’s not beginner friendly at all, I have no idea what I’m doing and the documentation uses alien terminology. But I checked a few awesome setups, so I’m confident it will work out, because it seems like it will tick all the boxes.

Emacs blank

Fingers crossed.

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