How to improve your handwriting

Youtube videos about how to improve, or change your handwriting:

How to write neatly + Improve your handwriting - Charm:

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Handwriting for adults - John Neal:

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It’s worth watching at least some of them, because they describe different ways of improving your handwriting and they can’t be captured in just a few words. Plus you get to see different styles of writing.

But if you’re short on time, these are the main points:

  • what does it mean to have a nice writing? It means it’s consistent, almost like a computer font. In other words:

    • the form of the writing is consistent. You can think of the form like computer a font. Choose some fonts and use them consistently.
    • spacing between letters in a word is consistent
    • spacing between words is consistent, ideally the width of the letter “n”
    • the main body of the letters is closed
    • the size of the main body of the letters is consistent
    • the size of the ascenders of tall letters (b d f h k l t) is consistent
    • the size of the descenders of the hanging letters (g j p q y) is consistent
    • there’s a visible difference between letters “a” and “d”, “a” and “p”, “e” and “l”, etc
    • slanting (right, left, or upright) is consistent
    • the writing should be parallel to the horizontal line. You can write on the line, or in between the lines.
  • write slowly. You can’t write neatly when you’re in a rush.

  • to change your handwriting, you have to practice a lot, to build the muscle memory

  • you can download computer fonts for free from many places (eg:,, etc), install them and print practice sheets. You have to use all the lowercase and uppercase letters, and all the numbers, and write some words to see how the letters look within words.

  • alternatively, you can use transparent tracing paper, or kitchen baking paper, to trace letters from books or magazines and then try to imitate it on normal paper

  • you can look for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

  • practice, practice, practice

  • to practice all the letters, you can use a few pangrams

  • if you don’t have a journal, you should start one, to practice your handwriting

I hope you found that useful 😊

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