Street photography workshop

Today I had a “Street Photography Workshop”, with Dublin Photography School.
It’s the second workshop I have with DPS, my first one was a “1 Day Photography Course” a year ago, to learn the basics. I actually knew the basics, but I wanted to confirm what I knew.

I was interested in this course because I’m following a few photographers that I admire on Youtube, and they do street photography.

The course was fun and informative, half theory, half practice.
For the practice, we went in St Stephen’s Green, then along Grafton Street to the Temple Bar area, to take pictures of strangers…

The challenge was to take pictures of total strangers. I asked a lady around Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and she was nice to let me take her picture. It was SO weird to ask, I felt so awkward…

I asked a man in the Temple Bar area and he also allowed me to take his picture. Asking the second time didn’t feel as awkward. I didn’t get any rejections 😅

I took a ton of pictures, but of course I don’t like most of them.

This is one picture that I like, the man from the Temple Bar area

Man with 2 dogs

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