Cr;Lf; website is almost ready

The Cr;Lf; website is ready(ish).
I worked a few hours every day for ~2 weeks, in my spare time.
It looks decent. I will never-ever finish it, but it’s decent enough.

What’s left TODO ::

  • more accessibility (image alt, link titles, make sure all tags are semantic, more…?)
  • responsive website (so much work to do; update done after switching to TailwindCSS)
  • make sure the code snippets are working (update done after switching to TailwindCSS)
  • make a website ICON
  • tags in articles should be clickable
  • draft posts/ notes (don’t list them)
  • sticky posts/ notes (pin them first in their category)
  • image posts should be wider, for the image to cover more page width
  • search functionality, at least for topics and tags, titles could also useful
  • to know when posts were last updated (this will be tricky, search the info in Git)
  • basic interaction from readers (thumbs up, comments)
  • button for dark/ light (toggle lights)

My challenge right now: How do I store the notes, bookmarks and other random entries in such a way to make the URL permanent?
I have to look for inspiration from other people…

💡 Once I’m finished, maybe I should export the layout as a theme, somehow, somewhere? …
Would anyone be interested in it? I have no idea.

⏳ 5 minutes later: For notes it’s easy. I just prepend the date, just like the articles.
Eg: <- yy-mm-dd-note[number].md

For Bookmarks… Maybe I should sluggify the URL from the bookmark?
But that won’t work for Pictures, Movies, Books, etc.
I would prefer a more general solution…

⏳ 5 minutes later: I can create a random HEX, or Base32 string and just keep that in the Front Matter of the “thing”.
Eg: permalink: /RnBATKAV/

⏳ 30 minutes later: I discovered PermaShortLink page.
It’s not entirely relevant, but the Base60(epoch days) + t + n sounds interesting.

@notes #crlf