Impressions about

I’m pretty happy with the Eleventy static site generator so far.
It’s flexible enough and doesn’t get in my way too much.

I have some experience with Jekyll and Hugo from the past.
Both of them are good tools and the developers did I great job, I really apreciate their effort and I know what it means to build tools like that.
But once the website grows, I feel both tools are getting in my way when trying to implement my ideas…
The tools should serve me, not the other way around. I hope that makes sense.

I never tried Python static site generators. I heard good things about Pelican.
It should a no-brainer choice for me, because my main programming language is Python (10 yr+ experience).
And I work for ScrapingHub, which uses Python to convert websites into data…

But this is my free time… and also Javascript IS the web, much more than Python.
So I believe a Javascript tool to generate websites is a more natural way.

The first version of the website was built with Hugo, but I don’t regret moving to Eleventy.

BTW, here’s a huge list of static site generators:

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