Started working on my blog

Ok, so I have decided to create my own blog / personal information repository. Again.
I feel really inspired by the idea of IndieWeb and web-rings. And by Devine Lu Linvega’s wiki and other interesting people.

I want to recover most of my stuff from different places=silos where I used to post stuff. Facebook, Twitter, Google+,,, Tumblr, Blogger, Unsplash, Instagram…
I want to gather all the interesting quotes I collected over the years and put them in one place.
I want to scrape all the bookmarks, interesting libraries, blogs, articles, podcasts and tag them in one place.
I want all my “awesome lists” synchronised in one place.

All the books I read and the ones I would like to read in the future?
All the movies I ever watched, maybe?
A list of TIL! I always wanted to record that!
Maybe a projects list?
Maybe a “now” page?

This will not be “just a BLOG”, it will be my Digital Knowledge.
And I can hack it the way I want!

Quite a big task!!

The biggest challenge will be the folder structure and the file format… 🙄

⏳ a few hours later: The name of the website will be “Cr;Lf;”. See the About page to understand why.

@notes #crlf