Hello, lack of internet

Hello, lack of internet…

For some reason, I don’t have Internet today, so I can’t do much of anything…

However, it’s a blessing in a weird way, because I realize just how much I depend on it.

Things that I have offline, so I was prepared:

  • a ton of notes, TODOs, ideas, links to useful resources, saved as Markdown files
  • some articles downloaded with ➹ Clean-mark
  • all the posts for this website and all the history of all the changes

Things what I wish I had (more of):

  • offline documentation for Go-lang, Python and Node.js
  • more technical articles to find inspiration and answers
  • the CSS, JS and fonts for this website

I think everyone should consider, at least once in a while, as a backup plan, what they would do if they didn’t have access to the internet for a few days…
And take action, to be prepared for that.

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