IRC: 1988 tech still going strong today

Today I remembered about IRC. I forgot about it for such a long time…

It looks like mIRC is still alive and kicking!! It’s still getting regular updates ❤️
Such good memories, from high school and college…
Also ZNC is still updated.

The popular IRC servers seem to be the same, Undernet, EFnet and Freenode. And probably others, just as old.

I discovered a few Python and Go-lang libraries for bots. Sounds like fun!
I was actually thinking for some time about using IRC bots for my projects.

Nr.1 issue I think about is: how to make multiple bots talk privately in a common channel, because I don’t know if the channels are private or public? Some channels are published on the internet - this is Not what I want.
OH WAIT, there are invitation-only channels?!

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