The new MacBook Air 2018 kinda sucks

Today I moved all my stuff on my new MacBook Air 2018 edition. I’m not that happy with it…

First of all it’s SLOW. Opening a browser takes way more time than it should. Opening the Photos app takes AGES.

Second, the webcam is a piece of crap. I have the previous MacBook Air version and it’s way way better.

Third, I don’t like the keyboard. It feels… weird.

It’s not all bad though. The laptop is a bit smaller and the touchpad is larger than the previous version, which is really nice, because I don’t use an external mouse.

::⏳update 1:: I found out why it’s slow: because of the HDD encryption.

::⏳update 2:: After 7 months, the “Control” and “Command” keys are half white. They should be painted black… 😑

MacBook Air keyboard

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