🚀 TwoFold v0.1

I just launched TwoFold (2✂︎f) v0.1 on NPM !! 🎉

No. 1 reason I created TwoFold is … to sort lines in my awesome lists 😂
And no. 2 is to fetch the Github, or Gitlab status for those projects in the awesome lists. That’s what I want to do now, but I want it done properly, so I’m taking the time.

I have huge hopes for this library, but there’s so much to do… v0.1 is just a (bad?) proof of concept. I intend to go up to a certain point and I’ll wait for feedback from the people using it.
If the people are not too excited, I’ll focus my energy on Spinal 🌀.
If people are not that excited, it means I didn’t explain it clear enough, or it’s not that easy to use day by day, and that would make sense because not many people like command line tools. At least I’ll learn something from that.

Anyway, for v0.2, I have to create a Changelog file and maybe a Roadmap file? And I’ll direct people to this blog to read the history and the news.

I started 2/3 of my goals now: Spinal 🌀 is work in progress, TwoFold (2✂︎f) is work in progress.

I haven’t started Zero-F yet, but I don’t think I’ll start it this year, there’s too much on my plate already…

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