Will AI ever replace artists?

I keep seeing this question in different articles on the internet and I don’t understand why people keep asking it: “Will AI ever replace artists?”. So my short answer to that question is: “No, never!”.

And the long answer

An AI that generates art is nothing more than a series of mathematical formulas ran by software, that’s feeding on scanned images of real art, converted into colors and shapes, so that the software can extract patterns from them.

Then the AI just mixes the patterns found in the scanned art pieces and creates thousands of random images that are evaluated and in the end, just a few are presented for the human.

Real art is created by an artist, in a moment of divine inspiration, that magical spark that makes someone scream: “Eureka!” and fills their heart with joy and the energy that will fuel months, or years of hard work to make that inspiration manifest into reality.

Any piece of art has a personal history that is not easy to see with the naked eye, like subtle color changes, little inside jokes, or intentional errors.

Software will never understand the depths of any work of art. Ever.

So while I do believe we might be able to find printed computer-generated images in the cheap shops, 10 for $5, shiny and colorful, the real art has always been and will always be valued for millions.

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