Making a Graph DB ep3

3 min

In my previous article about my Graph Database, I found the answers for: who uses graphs, what are they doing with them and why did they choose graphs.

In this episode, I’ll be focusing on finding a list of free & open-source libraries for Elixir, Python and Node, that will inspire me.
I’m still not writing any code yet. I need to know more.

Graph libraries for Elixir:

Graph libraries for Python:

Graph libraries for Node.js:

Python is the winner, with the most serious graph implementations 😀 And it’s also the language I’m the most experienced in.

Now, before I start studying what I found, I need to setup my goals. I already mentioned what I want to accomplish in the first episode, but I need to go much deeper.
In fact, it’s a delicate balance between this and learning more about other people’s libraries, because I don’t even know enough about graphs to know what I can choose from, what are my options.

So, now that I have a list of libraries for inspiration, I should forget about the implementation and setup a minimum of 3 use-cases. Based on them, I can then focus only on the libraries that I think can help me, because I don’t have time to study everything right now and I won’t even understand the code; that and I want to start building faster 😀
While I’m writing the code, I’ll understand better and I’ll resume studying the more complex libraries. This approach works for me, but as I said, it’s a delicate balance…

So, I’m going to start thinking about my use-cases now.

See you later!

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