My fist MacBook ever

I’m on my new Macbook Air. Finally!

It’s mostly what I expected.

It’s very nice in many ways, but I’m also disappointed in other ways.

I learned how to move my pictures from my Android on the laptop. I had to install a crappy software from Google, because MacOS hates non-iOS mobile devices 🙄…

The battery is surprisingly good. The keyboard is illuminated and turns off when not used. The aluminium is cold to touch and feels really solid.

If you see it for the first time, the interface is not as nice as in the movies, or on TV. Some windows and interfaces are actually ugly.

The keyboard is a freaking nightmare, if you used PC keys all your life. It’s too flat and you have FN, Ctrl, Alt and Cmd !! Holy shit.

The command line is the worst, because Cmd is used everywhere, except in command line, where you have to use Ctrl.

I find it really hard to navigate any text, because I don’t have Home and End keys. No page-up and page-down. No delete key, only backspace?!
Jumping between words and paragraphs requires your fingers to adjust to the new keys.

I will need a lot of time to learn it…

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