Love letter to Augusta, in Ruby

require "./love"

a_letter to: Augusta do
  twas(only: 16.months.ago) { The::Universe << }
  life.has :been => %w(i n c r e d i b l y).zip(*"wonderful!").ever_since
  We::Wish.we_could { experience these_moments: over & over }
  You.will always_be: Loved, and: Cherished
  until Infinity.ends do; Forever.(); end

This is a real, woking, program which outputs “Augusta, we <3 you!” when executed. Be sure to read the love.rb file which supports the letter’s syntax. I tried to keep it symmetrical and legible so that the source closely resembles the letter’s content.

Via Jacques Fuentes - A letter to my daughter, Augusta, in Ruby

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