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Bottle password generator is designed to… (you’ll never guess this 😜) generate passwords.

I know there was at least 1 other project that does exactly what this project does, but the passwords for that one were only 6 characters, and the generator is online, and the connection was not secure, so it would be possible for someone to sniff the passwords before they reach the server.

So, my little program can run locally (, you could run it on the local network IP, or deploy it in the cloud (using a Secure SSL connection).
It’s written in Python, dependencies: Bottle and PyCrypto (2.5). It’s compatible with any Linux and Windows system (on Windows, you need to install Active Python and PyCrypto via PyPM).

There are two methods to generate passwords:

  • text - you type the name of a site or a program you want to generate a password for AND a short key, easy to remember. The password is generated from the 2 words you typed;
  • graphical - you draw on a little canvas, using a few colors. The password is generated based on you drawing.

The source code of the project is here:

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